“An Infamous Crime on Humanity”

See the article, “Political Notes: The Labour Party and Germany” below for the source of today’s title.

September 1912 is presented in detail to illustrate the deliberate preparations prior to the outbreak of the Balkans War.

August 4 – United States occupation of Nicaragua: U.S. Marines land from the USS Annapolis in Nicaragua to support the conservative government at its request.[2]
August 25 – The Kuomintang, the Chinese nationalist party, is founded.
September 4 – The Albanian Revolt of 1912 ended, as the Ottoman Empire agreed to the demands of Albanian rebels in its Montenegro province
September 6 – The uprising of Moroccan pretender Ahmed al-Hiba was ended in a battle at Sidi Bou Othmane, as his force of 10,000 troops was decimated by 5,000 French troops led by Colonel Charles Mangin
September 12 – French Prime Minister Raymond Poincaré signed an agreement in Moscow with the Russian Empire, and Russia ratified the Franco-Russian Convention, providing that if the German Empire mobilized its troops, France and Russia would do the same
September 14 – Montenegro entered into an alliance with Serbia.
September 16 – Starting at midnight, the Kingdom of Greece began drafting its adult male citizens into the Army and Navy in preparation for war. In a battle at Derna in modern-day Libya, 1,000 Turks and Arabs were killed, and 61 Italian forces died.
September 20 – Born: Frank Zeidler, American politician, member of the Socialist Party of America, who was elected to three terms as the 35th Mayor of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, serving 1948 to 1960; in Milwaukee (d. 2006)
September 22 – Greece and Bulgaria strengthened their defense alliance, signed in May, with details for conditions and procedures for mobilization of their armed forces.
September 23 – U.S. President Taft issued an executive order barring foreign ships, whether commercial or military, from Hawaii’s Pearl Harbor, Cuba’s Guantanamo Bay, and the Philippines’ Subic Bay. The entire island of Guam was ordered completely off limits, effectively cutting its civilian population off from the outside world, with restrictions remaining in place until the 1950s.
September 24 – The Ottoman Empire mobilized its European forces, with 175,000 in the Western Army at Macedonia and 115,000 in the Eastern Army at Thrace; A group of 750 U.S. Marines was dispatched to the Dominican Republic to protect American interests.
September 26 – British and French cruisers landed marines to protect foreigners at on the island of Samos (Greece)
September 28 – At Seoul, 106 Koreans were sentenced on charges of conspiracy against Count Terauchi, with terms of 5 to 10 years. The most prominent of the convicts, former Korean cabinet minister Baron Yun Chi Ho, got a ten year sentence. Nine other prisoners were released.


  • Mexican rebel forces under the command of General Felix Diaz captured Veracruz.
  • Montenegro captured Berane


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