October 20th 1912

As today, October 20th 1912, is a Sunday, no Times of London archive is available.  Sundays will generally be set aside for either background articles on the international political and economic  context for the outbreak of the Great War, or for reportage other than the Times.  Today is devoted to another dispatch by Leon Trotsky dated October 19th 1912.  Trotsky had arrived at the Balkans theater of war from Vienna  in the previous week.

Notice also the alacrity with which Britain recognized the Italian North African conquests.


  • Turkey’s Vardar Army engaged in its first major battles against the Balkan League invaders. The Serbian Timok Infantry overcame the Turks at Egri Palanga, and the Bulgarian 2nd Infantry forced a retreat of the Ottoman 16th at Kocana. At Bilac, the Ottoman 19th Infantry was able to resist the invading Serbian Morava Infantry.
  • Britain recognized Italian sovereignty over Tripoli and Cyrenacia.

October military map. Date is old Julian calendar.

Click to zoom and enlarge text:


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