From the Battlefield at Kirk Kilisse

The Times of London archive server was down yesterday, so today’s report was delayed.


  • Greek forces took control of the city of Selanik from the Ottoman Empire, restoring Thessaloniki to Greek control. The Ottoman Empire had captured the city on March 29, 1430

Continued in adjacent column below map


2 comments on “From the Battlefield at Kirk Kilisse

  1. A minor point but Thessaloniki fell to the Greeks on 26 October 1912 according to the old style, Julian, calendar. The modern equivalent is 8 November 1912. Greece didn’t adopt the Gregorian calendar until 1923

    • No doubt, but all dates will be in the current calendar for the purposes of tracking events on a daily basis as much as possible.

      The Greek capture of Thessaloniki was to prove a sticking point in relations with Bulgaria.

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