Salonika Falls; Balkan Trade Trends; Mr. Asquith Gives A Speech

H. H. Asquith, Liberal Party Prime Minister 1908-1916

Of note today is a breakdown of trade relations of the Balkan states with the Great Powers, highlighting the dominance of Austrian-Hungarian exports to Serbia and Bulgaria, British export dominance with respect to Greece, and the rapidly advancing export position of Germany vis-a-vis Ottoman Turkey.  The overall picture is one of trade deficit and import dependency on the part of the Balkan states.
The British Prime Minister at the time, H. H. Asquith from the Liberal Party, gave a speech on the Balkan War, alongside the ubiquitous Winston Churchill, at this time First Lord of the Admiralty, rather like a Secretary of the Navy in American terms. Both Asquith and Churchill were still in office at the outbreak of the First World War.


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