Albanian Manuverings; A Parley in Budapest; Adrianople Seige Continues

Today is more of a news roundup, a hiatus as  the Great Powers maneuver in the aftermath of the initial military victories of the Balkan League.  One key pivot right now is the “Albanian question”, a point of maneuver by Austria-Hungary and Italy against Serbia.  Italy was still engaged in a “Triple Alliance” with Austria-Hungary and Germany at this time.  and Meanwhile a Bulgarian emissary meets with the Austrian-Hungarian Emperor and the Archduke Francis Ferdinand, whose later assassination will be the immediate trigger for the First World War.

Note also the article on “land reform” in Britain.  The Tines of London being evidentially a Tory paper, much coverage of this and so-called Irish “Home Rule” will be found, with the Times promoting views vociferously opposed to both, or at least in the case of land reform, opposed to increased land taxation.  But otherwise the Balkans was not the only region where national liberation would become a burning issue.

We’ll hear a lot about this guy later.


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