Bulgaria Launches Fresh Assault; Socialist Workers Stage Anti-War Demonstration in Paris

What may be the final big battle of the First Balkan War has begun within earshot of Constantinople.  Meanwhile, Second International Socialists meet in Paris in preparation for an international conference in Basel, Switzerland later this week.  Note that the Socialist leaders deigned not to lead their supporters in a demonstration, but their base ignored them, want out in an “illegal” demonstration, and were thereby left by their “leaders” to fend for themselves with the police.

Democratic conditions in the “public space” have hardly advanced in a hundred years in the so-called “free world” dominated by a quasi-Bonapartist and increasingly militarist and policier United States.  The essential difference is that the contemporary heirs to Second International socialism would be calling out the police, rather than hiding from them as they did today, 100 years ago.  Jaures did speak fluent German, apparently. Ilya Rubanovich was a long time Narodnik and presently, a member of the Russian Socialist Revolutionary Party.

Finally, special note of this extraordinary passage from the Times’ Vienna correspondent: “The plain truth is that to fight Turkey is not only to fight the Ottoman Army, but the international bankers and financiers as well, and all the organs and agencies of the international Press that are subject to their influence. Italy learnt this lesson to her cost. King Ferdinand [of Bulgaria] may possibly have profited by her experience, and have wished by allowing precedence to be given to the only non-Jewish organ of any prominence in Austria to open for his own news and views a privileged channel to the outer world”.   (Ah, the elegance of old-timey British English).  So the anti-Semitic King of Bulgaria was to soon find himself in alliance with the “pro-Semitic” Central Powers!


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