Rumored Mobilizations on the Russo-Austrian Border in Galicia


  • Eugene V. Debs, who had recently run for President of the United States on the Socialist Party ticket, was indicted by a federal grand jury in Fort Scott, Kansas, on charges of obstruction of justice. Charged also were Fred D. Warren, editor of the Girard, Kansas, newspaper The Appeal to Reason, and Warren’s lawyer, J. I. Sheppard. All three were accused of having paid $200 to a federal witness, to induce him to avoid testifying in their trial for misuse of the postal system.

The Greatest Democracy on Earth in the Land of Liberty was exerting every effort to remove Eugene Debs from the active political scene in the U.S., for the crime of pulling 6% of the vote for the Socialist Party in the 1912 Presidential elections concluded this month.  Debs was to resist U.S. entry into the First World War and was imprisoned for his opposition from 1918 to 1921. Debs was a special object of vindictive hatred on the part of the former conservative Bourbon Democrat President Woodrow Wilson, and it required the election of the Republican Warren Harding to achieve Debs’ release from political prison.

Austrian Galicia in now divided between present-day Poland and Ukraine.


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