Albania on the Verge of Independence; A “Jewish Cabal for an Autonomous Salonika”

  • The Albanian Declaration of Independence was made by 83 delegates to the All-Albanian Congress at the Ottoman Empire city of Vlorë, bringing an end to more than 400 years of Turkish rule. Between 1393 and 1501, Ottoman forces had incorporated the Albanian homeland into the Empire. Ismail Kemal Bey, an Albanian who had served as an Ottoman colonial governor for Tripolitania, was proclaimed the leader of the new nation.
  • General Yaver Pasha and 9,000 Turkish troops surrendered to the Bulgarian Army at Dedeagach
  • France and Spain signed a treaty dividing Morocco into two separate protectorates, with a 350 square mile zone around Tangier being an “international zone”.

The 27th of November was a slow news day with the three current crises of the Serbian invasion of the Albanian lands, the armistice negotiations between Bulgaria and Ottoman Turkey, and the “precautionary” mobilizations of Austria-Hungary and Russia still unresolved.  Therefore today’s posting is a combination of news items for the 27th and the 28th (“today”).

Attention should be paid one again to some extraordinary reportage on the part of the Time’s Constantinople correspondent concerning the Jews of Salonika, specifically excerpted in the upper right below.  If we put this casual British antisemitism, rooted in the idea of a Jewish banking and media cabal with influence in Vienna and Constantinople, if not Berlin, together with the France of the recent Dreyfus Affair, where  French Jewish officer was unjustly imprisoned for some 12 years as a German spy, and with the Tsarist Russia of the infamous Black Hundreds, it can be said that the locus of European antisemitism was gathered around a pole opposite of that of World War Two: that of the anti-German alliance of Russia, France and Britain.

The Donmehs, centered in Salonika, were Jews that had converted to Islam in the 17th century.

New Mosque, built by Donmeh community of Salonica during the Ottoman period



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