Armistice Concluded Among All Save Greece

  • The Marquis Saionji Kinmochi resigned as Prime Minister of Japan, and the other cabinet followed suit, after the ministers were unable to find a replacement for War Minister Uehara.
  • Italy‘s Chamber of Deputies approved the peace treaty with Turkey, 335-24.
  • African-American boxer Jack Johnson shocked much of America by marrying “outside his race” to white American Lucille Cameron. The two would divorce in 1924
  • The Triple Alliance agreement was renewed in Vienna between Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy.
  • Persian religious leader `Abdu’l-Bahá completed the trip to the United States and Canada that had started with his arrival in New York City on April 11. Having introduced the Baha’i faith to North America, he departed from New York on the steamer Celtic, bound for Liverpool.
  • The U.S. Department of Justice dropped further antitrust proceedings against the American Sugar Refining Company.





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