London Conference Opens; Rumblings Continue in Vienna and Constantinople

  • The Balkan Peace Conference was opened at St. James’s Palace in London by Secretary of Foreign Affairs Grey
  • On the same day, the navies of Greece and Turkey fought a battle at the entrance of the Bosporus Strait. The Turkish fleet, with 4 battleships, 9 destroyers and 6 torpedo boats opened fire on a Greek battleship squadron which arrived from the island of Imbros. The Greek fleet retaliated ten minutes later, sending the Turkish ships in retreat, and the battle ended at 10:30 am, forty minutes after it began. The Greeks sustained 8 casualties and no major damage, while the Turks lost 58 killed and wounded.
  • The Franco-Spanish treaty of Morocco was approved by the Spanish Chamber of Deputies, 216-22.
  • Kamoun the self-described Sultan of Dar-al-Kuti in what is now the Central African Republic, was defeated by the French Army after nearly two years of defying France and its control of Ouanda Djallé

Reports on the London Conference of the parties to the Balkan War that opened this week are already registering pessimism in regards to a successful conclusion of negotiations.

Rumors of a governmental crisis in Constantinople and the possibility of the imposition of military dictatorship led by Nazim Pasha, the commander of Ottoman forces in front of the capital city.

The French Confederation Generale du Travail (CGT) held a 24 hour antiwar strike.

Incredibly enough, the British Empire was still in the business of peddling opium in China, some 80 years after the Opium Wars of the 1830’s, as witness the account of the wrangling with the Chinese Republic over its “treaty obligations” in this regard.



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