The Obituary of Whitelaw Reid; J. Pierpont Morgan before the U.S. Congress

Reid Castle (1864), is named after Whitelaw Re...

Reid Castle (1864), is named after Whitelaw Reid, owner of the New York Tribune. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The obituary pages of the Times of London inform us of the royal funeral procession from London to the U.S. of Whitelaw Reid, who died in office overseas as long-time U.S. ambassador to Britain, December 15, 1912.

Reid, together with New York Tribune Publisher Horace Greeley had been a long-time leader of the Liberal Republican faction of the old Republican Party starting in 1972.  The Liberal Republicans were a right wing movement in the Republican Party of that time, whose positions were to end Reconstruction “as having achieved its aims”, in practice foreclosing on the prospect of land reform in the South and, together with their advocacy of restoration of the vote to former Confederates, opened the door to the Klan terror, consolidation of the sharecropping system, and the rise of Jim Crow apartheid and the preservation of the backwardness of the Old South.  Not a pretty picture for the politics of Mr. Whitelaw Reid.

The Liberal Republicans formed their own party to run against Ulysses S. Grant, running for his 2nd term as President. This Liberal Republican Party inevitably ran fusion tickets with the post war rump  of the Democratic Party.  Not a few of them stayed with the Democrats afterwards, giving rise to new tendencies withing the old “party of slavery” that paved the way for the Gold and Bourbon Democrats Grover Cleveland and Woodrow Wilson, both like Reid much beloved of the British Empire.

Not unrelated is a Times report on the U.S. Congressional “Money Trust” hearings at which J. Pierpont Morgan had just testified.


Greeley helps murder blacks in an 1872 Thomas Nast cartoon (Wikipedia); Right, Liberal Republicans and Democrats convene at Cincinnati.




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