Peace Talks In London Headed For Failure?

  • Norway, Sweden and Denmark jointly proclaimed their neutrality, refusing to favor either side in a European war.
  • Prince Katsura Tarō was appointed as the new Prime Minister of Japan.
  • Moroccan rebels attacked French Army forces at Dar-el-Kadi, near Mogador.
  • President Taft departed the United States on board the new battleship USS Arkansas for a visit to the Panama Canal
  • Delhi conspiracy case: The Viceroy of India, Lord Hardinge, was wounded in an assassination attempt, when a bomb was thrown at him as he was arriving in Delhi. Four people (Amir Ali, Avadh Behari, Bal Mukund and Basant Kumar Biswas, who threw the bomb) were later executed for the attack, but the mastermind behind the plot, Rashbehari Bose, escaped to Japan where he would live the rest of his life, dying in 1945.
  • The completion of the Aswan Dam was celebrated in a ceremony attended by Lord Kitchener and the Khedive of Egypt

The holidays are a slow news time, in 1912 as well as today.  I’ll be out on vacation for the next 3 days, returning the 31st of December. In addition, WordPress destroyed the draft of my original commentary, and what is seen here is much abbreviated.

Note in particular the speech given by Raymond Poincare, Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of France.  In the speech Poincare undiplomatically tips his hand with regards to a possible secret deal with Britain to divide between themselves the Ottoman Empire’s Middle Eastern provinces.  Also note the charmingly racialist article on “the Albanians”, where they are connected to the Scottish Highlanders of the 18th century.



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