“French Interests in Syria”; Political Disturbances in Constantinople; Greeks Press War in Epirus

  • Fifteen minutes after U.S. President Taft was driven down a street during his visit to Panama, a dynamite blast wrecked the street in Colon, Panama
  • The first pro-independence organization in the Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia), the Indische Partij, was founded by Ernest Douwes Dekker, an “Indo” with “a Dutch father and a German-Javanese mother”, together with Indonesian physicians Tjipto Mangoenkoesoemo and Soewardi Soerjaningrat.
  • Mexican revolutionary leader Pancho Villa was able to escape from the military prison of Santiago Tlatelolco, with the help of a sympathetic employee, and fled to the United States, hiding in El Paso, Texas

Christmas tales of cocaine and morphine in Paris, opium in China.  Someone tries to knock off Aritomo Yamagata, leader of the military faction in Japan.  The Times of London makes clear its hostility towards the Young Turk faction.




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