Bones of Contention: Albania and Adrianople

  • The Council of the Russian Empire adopted a law freeing the last of the Russian serfs. In 1861, the Caucasus had been exempt from the emancipation of serfs there.[5]
  • The “Six Powers” (the United States, Great Britain, France, Russia, Germany and Japan) agreed to a $125,000,000 loan to China at 6 percent interest

Instability in Constantinople and settlement of the Albanian-Serbian situation  appear as the key issues from the point of view of British imperialism.

And a small item on New York’s finest, extorting from gambling and prostitution.  They are advised on the more refined British-style racism practiced north of the border in the Dominion of Canada that keeps out various “Gyp the Blood” ‘s and “Leftie Louie”s, not to mention “Asiatics” in British Columbia.

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