Schlieffen’s Plan Lives On, Jagow Becomes German Foriegn Minister

Von Jagow replaces the capable Alfred von Kiderlen-Waechter as German Foreign Minister, at a critical time.  Apparently a career diplomat, Von Jagow predicted that Britain would not stay neutral in event of a war with France.  Jagow would attempt to maneuver the U.S. into an interventionist quagmire into the Mexican Revolution.  Not that the U.S. required much encouragement.

A bit of irony that the author of the ” Schlieffen Plan” to take France out of any prospective war would die right prior to

The Schlieffen Plan, emphasizing maneuver and ...

The Schlieffen Plan, emphasizing maneuver and envelopment, owed much to the Ulm Campaign (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

the war that would put that plan to the test.

The Times also announces Britain’s plans to staff the recently formed Royal Air Corps with 180 trained airmen per year. All the Powers were greatly spurred on to build their air forces by the experience of the Italians’ use of aircraft in it its war in Libya in 1911.



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