Newborn Baby Nixon; Turning the Screws on Constantinople

Yes, Richard Milhous Nixon was born one hundred years ago.  Note the continuing harsh tone towards Ottoman Turkey in the British press.  The dramatic shift towards an anti-Ottoman policy on the part of Britain and France  since the 1878 Russo-Turkish War is likely the most dramatic shift in the European balance of power since that year.  It was most recently given further impetus by the development of the early petroleum industry since that decade, with Britain in particular anxious to develop sources of crude oil independent of the U.S.A.  They both saw the Arab provinces of the Ottoman Empire, particularly  Iraq as well as southern Iran at Abadan – where a British predecessor to BP already maintained one of the single largest refineries in the world,  as the future source for that petroleum, and therefore by 1913 were actively working towards prying away the Arab provinces.   Winston Churchill is about to nationalize this British-Iran refinery this year, in pursuit of his new naval policy favoring petro-burning ships to coal burners. There will be more to say on this when the time comes.

We also learn today that “…the Semitic mind appreciates mental ability even when unallied with any moral eminence…”. Quaint.



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