The Assasination of Nazim Pasha; The Arrest of Eugene Debs

Enver Pasha

Enver Pasha (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • The Turkish Grand Council voted to surrender Adrianople to the Balkan Allies and to accept the other demands for peace, including ceding the Aegean Islands and Adrianople.
  • Turkish Grand Vizier Kâmil Pasha was forced to resign at gunpoint by two hundred of the Young Turks, led byBig siege gun at Adrianople (LOC)Enver Bey, and Mahmud Shevket Pasha was made the new Premier. The mob shot and killed Army Commander Nazim Pasha when he confronted them outside the Council Chambers.
  • Seven U.S. soldiers were killed in the Philippines at Jolo during a fight with the Igorot residents
  • Former Socialist Party presidential candidate Eugene V. Debs was arrested at Terre Haute, weeks after being indicted for obstructing justice. Debs was quickly released on bail, and the case would be dismissed in May.

The Committee of Union and Progress, commonly known as the Young Turk party,  stages a coup against the conservative Liberal Union government in Ottoman trappings, that of the Grand Council, upon that Council’s acceptance of the joint Great Power demand that the Ottomans surrender Erdine and the Aegean islands. The new CUP government then withdraws from the London Conference, and the war resumes.  It is left to the tone of the Time’s reportage to convey their bitter sense of disappointment at the outcome.  Here Ismail Enver Bey is referred to as “Colonel” Enver Bey.



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