Earthquake in Constantinople

  • The U.S. House of Representatives passed the Dillingham-Burnett immigration bill, requiring a literacy test for all incoming immigrants, by a 166-71 margin
  • The British cabinet voted to remove the women’s suffrage bill from consideration in the House of Commons
  • The Young Turks Council of the Committee of Union voted unanimously to fight the surrender of Adrianople and the Aegean Islands, in accordance with the demands of the new leader, Enver Bey

By sheer coincidence, the Times reports from Constantinople that on the 25th of January, a “severe earthquake shock was felt here at 4 o’clock in the morning”.

Balkan Wars. Bulgarian forces waiting to comme...

Balkan Wars. Bulgarian forces waiting to commence their assault on Adrinople (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Aside from the angst at the prospect of the resumption of the Balkan War felt in Britain, please note that we are also presented once again  with the theory of a Viennese-Constantinople axis of  “Jewish banking money” pushing for an anti-Russian and anti-Entente policy for Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire.

As for the arrest of Eugene Debs, “obstruction of justice” turns out to be merely the publication of an expose on conditions at the Leavenworth, Kansas Federal prison, according to the Times report.




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