Renewed Battles at Erdine and Gallipoli; Next Stage of Taisho Political Crisis in Japan

  • Romania and Austria-Hungary signed a treaty to renew their military alliance for seven years. When World War One broke out, however, Romania would remain neutral and would later enter the war against Austria-Hungary and Germany.
  • The United Kingdom’s House of Commons passed the Welsh Church Disestablishment bill.
  • Japan‘s Diet voted to censure the government of Prime Minister Katsura following riots.
  • Spain resumed diplomatic relations with the Vatican after a nearly three-year break. Fermin Calbeton y Planchon presented his credentials to the Pope, and then spoke with the Pontiff in the latter’s private residence.
  • Born: Takeo Nakasawa, Japanese mathematician who conceived the theory of matroid but whose work was unpublicized until more than 60 years after his death
  • Bulgaria refused to allow foreigners to leave Erdine (Adrianople) in advance of the city’s conquest.




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