The “Bandit” Zapata

Español: Emiliano Zapata

Español: Emiliano Zapata (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • Count Gombei Yamamoto became the new Premier of Japan. The new premier, 60 years old, was a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, one of the Class of ’77.
  • Turkey requested the Great Powers to intervene to end the Balkan War.

The events of the Decena Tragica in Mexico hold center stage for the time being despite the renewal of hostilities in the


Morelos (Photo credit: alexmontjohn)

Balkans.  For this purpose, “real time” clippings from the New York Times will be introduced for the first time. As expected the NYT slant differs little from that of the Times of London, although a difference in a certain coarseness of language can be noticed between the two sides of the North Atlantic.  Thus for example we are immediately introduced to the “Morelos bandit”, even “murderous bandit” (this being the aforementioned American twist), Emiliano Zapata.   The general sense of is of contempt for the “vain dreamer” Francisco Madero, and irritation at the fact that Madero at least mounted a military defense of the Presidency and Constitution, as this was seen as only extending the crisis of the “inevitable” transition to the brother of the deposed dictator Porfirio Diaz, Félix Díaz together with his military allies, Bernardo Reyes and Victoriano Huerta.  Said the NYT, “Mexico required ‘strong central government'”.

The NYT has the advantage in bringing a close-up of the battle in Mexico City as it unfolds.  We also see more details of an extensive military mobilization of ships and troops, in preparation for a possible military intervention, undertaken by the outgoing Taft Administration.

Needless to say, the “revolutionists” described herein are actually the counterrevolutionaries seeking to restore some part of the status quo ante.



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