“Our Destiny to Be Imperial”

  • China‘s Minister of Education opened the Conference on Unification of Pronunciation, the first attempt to create common standards for the Chinese language, with 44 delegates meeting in Beijing.
  • The Welsh Church Disestablishment bill was rejected by the British House of Lords, with only 52 in favor and 252 against.
  • Emilio Vasquez Gomez crossed the U.S.-Mexican border at Columbus, New Mexico into Palomas, and proclaimed
    Defensa Revolucionaria

    Defensa Revolucionaria (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    himself as President of Mexico, with plans to journey to the capital to take office.

  • A nine hour armistice in the Mexican Revolution went into effect in Mexico City.

So the New York Times proclaimed in connection with Mexico: “It has ever been thus in the history of the American Republic, which has had greatness thrust upon it rather than achieved greatness”.  One hundred years on, this false humility rings truer than the authors intended.

Events in Mexico continue to dominate the international Anglo-American press, overshadowing even the resumption of war in the Balkans.  Rumors of Madero’s death are yet premature.  Estimates of $1 million per day and 200,000 soldiers are made to acting President Taft for any intervention into Mexico.  Francisco De La Barra, another Diaz holdover, is favored in New York and London.




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