Inter-Anglo-American Suspicions of U.S. Motives in Mexico

Today’s feature at the top left is the New York Times reprint of a (London) Daily Mail article that “assails our good faith” and one that is treated to more or less outraged reactions in the U.S. press.

Also recommended is the Times of London‘s retrospective article on the legacy of the U.S. Taft Administration at the top right.  Inter-imperialist rivalries reveal much more from the point of view of an antagonist or competitor.  And France, Britain and Germany  were anxious that the Huerta-Diaz coup not tilt the investment playing field even further to the advantage of the North Americans.  In particular, “It is noted that ‘colonists’ are beginning to pour back from the country to the town, and that the exploitation of labor is ousting as a source of wealth the exploitation of natural resources.   It is feared that in a community where the premise of Marx’s gloomy generalizations exist, organized capital may be able, as things are, to entrench itself in the high places of government”.

The N.Y. Times reportage continues to get it quite laughably wrong on events in Mexico.




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